Padraic Cassidy

I’m an architect in Los Angeles building a house for my family on a hillside slope in Mt. Washington we bought in the fall of 2002. I hope this ship’s log of our progress can be helpful for others thinking of doing the same. In 18 years of working on my own I’ve often wanted some primer on the house building process to hand out to clients, email to friends and relatives at their start. Over time I hope to break down these various stages of design and construction of our house to possibly distill it into some sort of pamphlet for this purpose.

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3 thoughts on “Padraic Cassidy

  1. Came into to some hillside property in Jamaica rural area and was thinking about building something on the property, but lacking the expertise to get that comfort zone about an hillside house. (1) I am working with a 2000 sq ft area (L50XW40) – what type of retaining wall should I use: Cinder Blocks (18X8X7.5) or cement and stone. (2) how thick / width of the wall should be…

    • Anthony- you should hire a local engineer with knowledge of both the local trades/practices and the underlying geology, both of which, in addition to your budget, will help determine what you can and should do- to that end I recommend some flexibility in your footprint, both shape and size wise. Good Luck- I’ve been to a party years ago at Noel Coward’s Firefly which had the best hillside view I’ve seen, as well as being a wonderful house. We saw Rififi on an outdoor screen after the sun had set, a beautiful night.

      The View from Firefly (courtesy Banjoman, via wikipedia)

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